Infusion Nurse Recruitment

At Infusion Partners 360, partnering with our clients and infusion nurses to provide the BEST infusion experience for patients receiving infusion care is and will always be our highest priority. We strive to improve the patients’ infusion experience by adhering to the standards of The Joint Commission, hand selecting highly skilled infusion nurses, and ensuring the care given is individualized and compassionate. IP360 is the Home Infusion Nurse Registry of choice for patients, their families, and health care providers alike.

Home Infusion Nurse Network

IP360 has a pool of nurses waiting to assist our customers and their patients requiring home infusion care. IP360 understands the value and impact of building an energetic network of skilled nursing professionals to provide home infusion services as primary or supplemental to our referral partners. The recruitment team scout for nurses who have heart and exceptional infusion experience and IV skills. We partner with nurses who have worked in every type of healthcare setting…such as emergency rooms, intensive care and telemetry units, surgical centers and out-patient clinics, on medical-surgical floors of acute hospitals, in home health services, dialysis centers and skilled nursing facilities…and every kind of environment that helps people stay well or get well. You can always call the main office at ANYTIME to seek availability of the infusion nurse specialists within IP360’s network.

Home Infusion Referrals

IP360 recruits infusion nurses and partners with Specialty Pharmacies, Home Health Agencies, Infusion Centers, and healthcare organizations across the healthcare continuum, to refer nurses who will provide infusion services in the home setting. When IP360 refers an infusion nurse to provide infusion care, you can be sure that the patients are in great hands. Nurses within the IP360 network do what they do because they really care and want to make a positive and exceptional difference in those patients requiring home infusion care.

Coordination of Care

IP360 takes pride in being active participants in the coordination of care required to facilitate positive outcomes for patients requiring home infusion care. IP360 wants every patient to feel that every person within their infusion health care team is connected so they get the right medications…the right way… at the right time…every time. IP360 works diligently to ensure important information comes and goes to the right members of the patient’s infusion care team to promote that the best home infusion care is given at all times.

In Home Patient Assessments

Nurses referred by IP360 have experience in conducting head to toe Skilled Nursing Assessments that reflect the patient’s most current health status. The content of the documentation is timely, comprehensive, and relevant—allowing providers to adjust and adapt care plans for better outcomes. Nurses within the IP360 network, also have experience with completing Start of Care’s (SOC), Recertification’s, OASIS, Resumption Of Care (ROC) and more.

Patient & Family Teaching for Self-Administration

Nurses within the IP360 network, have experience with teaching patients and their families how to become independent with self-administration of certain infusion therapies. This is usually at the discretion of the physician. To accommodate the patients, nurses have up-to-date resources at their fingertips to ensure success. Together, the medical provider, pharmacy, and infusion specialist will collaborate to ensure all patients requiring self-administration teaching are supported and taught towards independence.