About Us

Our Mission

IP360 is a community-based, high-reliability, nurse registry that offers a network of infusion nurses who are highly skilled and well-prepared to administer IV medication and safe therapeutic care. The ambulatory care setting is where you will find us– in partnership with our customers, our patients, and their families.

Our Vision

To build and operate within a network of valuable partnerships, bringing together resources to provide programs and services that allow patients and providers more options to deliver and receive safe, and therapeutic infusion care within the ambulatory setting.

Our Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

This has been such a difficult period for our country and all communities around the world. As a Medical Services Provider, we sensed how crucial it was for the staff and nurses to get educated quickly and to work hand-in-hand with our Customer Specialty Pharmacies, Consulting Physicians, and all providers to adjust our procedures and nursing care practices.  The pharmacies have provided step-by-step guidelines for pre-screening procedures to quickly identify any patients who might have been exposed to an infected person or who themselves have had or are showing symptoms.  We are tracking important information on our screening procedures and are logging the questions and support services provided during each point of care and communication.  If you need assistance with clinical care concerns, please contact our Clinical Department at 1-866-714-3955.

Our Service Locations

Currently we service southern, central, and northern California and parts of Arizona.  This includes the unique urban areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Central Coast, Sacramento and San Jose, and the Bay Areas.  Cases are served in the more rural and less densely populated areas of the states. The logistical planning for each situation is considered.  We work closely with the Infusion Nurse field clinicians to match the Nurse closest in geography to the patient’s home zip code.

Comprehensive Onboarding for Infusion Nurses

Infusion Partners 360, LLC is a certified staffing registry by the Joint Commission. Operating within these highest standards, the nurse candidates complete the same recruiting, identity authentication, and background checks as used by all hospitals and healthcare systems nation-wide. Credentials verification, reference checks, nursing license and auto insurances are validated as current and without sanctions.  References are required and prior and current employment is confirmed as listed in candidate application and screenings.  A comprehensive on-line orientation is completed, and onboarding is not complete without a final intensive briefing to handle smooth infusion home visits just prior to taking a first case assignment. Annual checks and verification of competencies and credentials is completed ongoing—should a nurse have a lapsed required credential; their cases will be reassigned to a nurse with active credentials.

Leadership Perspectives about the Special Needs of Patients Receiving Infusion Care

Infusion Partners360, LLC was founded and is led by a masters prepared Registered Nurse who is passionate about Infusion Care and believes in empowering patients and their caregivers to be as independent as possible while receiving their medications in the home-based setting.  Caring for patients in this way offers patients the informality and comfort of their own homes where they have more control and privacy than at an out-patient clinic or received out of a separate department of a hospital.  The CEO and her staff are committed to following the most current and up-to-date methods and practices in the more relaxed setting of the home.  Because of this unique environment of care, it is even more important to have clear and effective communication with the patient and families about what to expect and how safe standards will be maintained by their infusion nurse.

Our Values

1. Partnerships and Collaboration
We strive to deliver the best care possible in diverse ambulatory settings and in collaboration with our interagency partners and multi-disciplinary team members.

2. Patient-Centered Care
The patient is the absolute center of our work: their needs, comfort, and safety while receiving infusion therapy. Services provided are consistently expected to deliver excellent outcomes and a positive therapeutic experience.

3. Infusion Excellence
IP360 connects to Industry best-practices and evidenced-based policies and procedures. These tools inform and guide the IP360 network of infusion nurses and assures confidence in our brand.

4. High Reliability
Performing as a high-reliability organization requires good communication, respect for people, and the delivery of consistent care in all dimensions of our business, clinical, and community work.

5. Leadership
IP360 knows that the healthcare system is evolving and that through our and other’s ideas, know-how, and a valued network of relationships we can influence and participate as healthcare delivery is transformed.

6. Quality Assurance
Our firm diligently monitors results, seeks 360 degree feedback from patients, partners, customers, and staff and thoughtfully adjusts and adapts in order to grow and change with new information.

IP360 Leaders

Kenya Mills-Blane

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer

Marcia Potter, RN

Business Development