Kenya Mills-Blane

Kenya Mills-Blane


M.S. Executive Health Administration University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 2010

Legal Nurse Consulting Certification, Vickie Millazo Institute, Houston, 2007

B.S. Nursing, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 2003

As a Chief Officer, Nurse executive, and entrepreneur, Kenya has more than 15 years of management experience in business and ambulatory healthcare settings. In her leadership roles, she keeps the patient’s needs and wellbeing central to every effort and she has a keen understanding of how complex and integrated services delivered well in the community setting are crucial to patients from any socioeconomic group. As an entrepreneur, she wants to know how it’s done, be an excellent doer, and to lead others to do well together. Kenya understands her executive influence in all her roles, but especially on the nurses’ role at the front lines of care.  In 2019 she championed a competency-based protocol now referred to as “the first-case-huddle.”  This protocol was put in place to improve new RN readiness to conduct first-case assignments and complete a home infusion smoothly. These protocols are meant to strengthen nurse retention and success as home infusion nurses.  As the final step of onboarding, RN’s now participate with Kenya or others to give them an intense coaching session on how to manage home infusion processes and the steps of the smooth visit workflow, from accepting a referred case, to making a first contact with the patient, to insuring that all supplies and medications are readily available for the scheduled infusion care, to completing the required documentation and event reporting necessary to meet all compliance requirements. Serving as a sponsor for excellent care, she continually promotes the best practices of recruitment of nurses providing infusion care. As an entrepreneur, her operational oversight covers strategy, finance, customer contracts, and expansion.

In 2014 Kenya was presented with The Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award and Annual Faith Based Business Award.  She is an active member of Vistage, Global Society for Female Entrpreneurs, Infusion Nurses Society, Immunoglobulin National Society, & Cooperative Economic Empowerment Movement.