Nicole Lawrence

Nicole Lawrence


Co-owner and founder of Innovative Infusion Solutions, 2007

Founder of Senior Companion Agency; services for the elderly and disabled

As the Chief Operating Officer, Nicole has direct operational authority for the daily business of the agency.  She manages contract implementation, Referrals, IT infrastructure development and software  application selection and integration.  Mrs. Lawrence obtained her vast experience in business management and administration within various industries. The corporate staff complete the daily provisioning and delivery of infusion services through a geographically dispersed and provisioned model of care.  With the cycles of business expansion and realignments, Nicole directs modifications to procedures and best practices to align with new tools, performance indicators, and industry upgrades.  Working with the Director of Quality Assurance, Nicole supported the staff in establishing a performance improvement project to reduce the number of home visit cancellations requests for rescheduling due to delayed arrival of medications and supplies to patients home ahead of the scheduled infusion visit.  During annual key performance indicator reviews, Nicole directs data gathering, analysis and report preparations. She is a strong champion for employee skills and knowledge development—she believes in helping staff to understand the functions and roles of staff in other departments than their own.  Working jointly with the CEO and staff, Nicole directs and supports social media and marketing content and works integrally with the Clinical Services Department to maintain real-time communication and secure tools and networks to transmit patient care information to meet HIPAA standards, customer required documentation, submission due dates.